Sunday, November 30, 2008


I have recently learned about and experimented with Agave at my favorite cooking shop, Shar's Kitchen.  It is a natural sweetener that is retrieved from the Agave Plant in central Mexico.  Yes, it is the same plant from which Tequila is made.  The type of Agave I use is Xagave, which is a blend of blue and white agave.

The glycemic index is 30, and I have used it in baking, cooking and beverages.  There is no after taste.  It is 100% natural and for me, has caused no rise in blood glucose levels.  Agave is being used more and more by diabetics and is recommended by the ADA.

It is a bit costly, but you only use 1/3 - 1/2 cup for exchange of 1 cup of sugar as it is at least 1.5 times more sweeter than sugar.  As in the previous recipe, it reduces down to make a thick syrup.   2 cups of Agave Nectar and 1 1/2 tsp of maple flavoring makes a delicious syrup for whole grain pancakes or waffles.  It is not quite as thick as syrup, however every bit as yummy.

Everything in moderation, but for that special recipe, treat this is a good option, keep in mind it is not calorie free so again, as with many foods,  I caution to use in moderation.

I will be posting more recipes that use agave.  In most of the recipes you can use Splenda in place of agave if you choose.  I do believe Agave is worth a try.

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