Saturday, October 23, 2010

Italian Turkey Sausage Pasta

This is one of those "what do I fix for dinner?" ideas, when you feel like hearty comfort food in a healthier way.

Ingredients:  1 lb box Dreamfields Penne Pasta (or whole wheat pasta)
                     1 lb Sweet (or Hot) Italian Turkey (or Chicken) sausage
                     1 yellow pepper sliced
                     1 red pepper sliced
                      2-3 fresh tomatoes cubed
                     1 shallot  chopped (or onion if you wish)
Cook turkey as per package, I usually start off poaching it in water, then browning on all sides.
Bring pasta water to boil and cook to al dente or the tenderness you and your family enjoy.

In another skillet saute peppers, shallot, and tomatoes until soft.
Drain Pasta and put in large serving bowl, top with cooked vegetable mixture and then the sausages.
As a recipe is just a guide, you can add mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini, or other ingredients of your liking!
Serve with a salad, this one has olive oil, dash of vinegar dressing.  EASY PEASY!