Saturday, September 13, 2008

Whole Grains!

When I was diagnosed in 2005 I totally gave up any form of bread, baked goods, rice and potatoes.  I still do not eat anything in those categories that are white.  No processed sugar, white or processed flour or the products from white flour, no white potatoes and no white rice.  
(This is my choice, not to impose my rules on you in any way).  

I did find that these things spiked my blood glucose).  Probably more than any one thing that upset me most about this disease was the fact that I love to cook, bake and of course eat.  

In October of 2006 I met a very nice woman in my diabetes support group that told me about her experience with whole grains.  She said she grinds her own wheat, millet, groats, rye, etc and makes her own breads and baked goods with no sudden or high rise in blood glucose.  My thoughts were "oh yeah I know that hard, strong tasting stuff", that isn't for me!
She told me about a store not far from my office that sold the grinders and grains.   In January, 2007 I was driving by that shop and decided to investigate.  I spoke with the owner for a long time.  I asked if I invest in the grinder will I be able to make good tasting bread  and whole grain products.  She said I will teach you myself!  I invested in a Nutrimill grinder and a Bosch Kitchen Center (Mixer) and 50 pounds of golden wheat from Montana a few other products for baking such as SAF brand yeast and dough enhancer and off I went.

A couple of weeks later I went in for my first class.  Now I make homemade low carbohydrate whole grain bread, whole wheat pita bread, whole wheat tortillas, pancakes, waffles and pasta.  I don't use any processed white flour at all and use vita wheat gluten in its place when a recipe calls for the addition of white flour or high gluten flour.  I don't eat these things everyday because of weight control, but I do have them often with no blood glucose spikes. The extra fiber in my diet has lowered my cholesterol and triglycerides  as well. The addition of complex carbohydrates, that digest slowly (thus avoiding blood sugar raising quickly),  to my diet in moderation I seem to have a bit more energy too.  

You now know why I will include whole wheat, whole grain, legume and brown rice recipes on this blog.  It may not be for you, but if you have a longing for some of those days of baking like I had, you might just want to try whole grains and see how your body/blood glucose responds.  It is worth the effort!  


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